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For Clinical Clients

Helping ALL children reach their full potential!

Specialists in:

  • Childhood Development
  • Developmental Differences
  • Early Intervention
  • Learning and Performance
  • Mental Wellness
  • Mental Health and Behavioral Challenges


Our nationally-recognized professionals are specially trained and highly experienced in both developmental and clinical psychology.

Assessment and Treatment

This enables us to develop state-of-the-art clinical services for children and families from a development perspective. The goals of these services are to:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of all areas of a child's functioning
  • Optimize development and potential
  • Promote mental wellness
  • Maximize learning and potential
  • Improve social relationships
  • Decrease mental health/behavioral challenges
  • Develop new skills

For Organizations

Developmental Enhancement is a group of experienced professionals who provide clinical expertise to regional and national organizations who serve people with developmental disabilities and related mental health and behavior issues.

Our Services to Organizations

  • Assessment: Administer comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluations of developmental, mental health, and behavioral issues
  • Consultation: Offer expertise regarding individuals with a wide array of challenges including severe mental illness, aggression, complicated diagnostic pictures, frequent hospitalization, and ineffective treatment
  • Training: Provide training for your organization, whether on a regional, national, or international basis
  • Program Development: Assist organizations in the development of specialized clinical and residential treatment programs
  • Promoting Mental Wellness: Address mental health issues through positive, proactive, and preventative efforts with state-of-the-art approaches
  • DBT for Special Populations: A comprehensive treatment approach for individuals with lower cognitive abilities and significant interpersonal, emotional, or behavioral concerns

The Staff

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